Welcome to Your CCBA

Christian Consumer Benefit Association
The CCBA serves as the non-denominational voice of Christian consumers working to improve the economic and social condition of our members. We seek out and partner with merchants to provide morally responsible products and services.

Member Benefits
Platinum Club Members get an additional level of benefits inlcuding, emergency roadside assistance, discount, lodging and dining and other valuable benefits.

MyCCBA Online Community
Our On-line Christian community is here, Chat, Email, IM, Start Page and more … Join today and become a Gold Club Member in the CCBA. Its FREE!

Personal Finance Money Channel
The CCBA has partnered with CFNnow.com to help you keep financially fit! Get the latest financial news and information from a Christian perspective.

Computers and Technology
So you have a computer. Have you discovered the wonders hidden inside? No, well use the CCBA Computer and Technology channel to discover and unravel the mysteries just beyond the screen.

Health and Wellness
It is God’s plan that all Christians be physically, mentally and spiritually fit. To assist our members in this quest, we have established the Health and Wellness Channel.

What is the CCBA?
The CCBA is a nondenominational, nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for personal injury lawyers. We provide information and resources; assist members to serve their communities; and offer a wide range of benefits. Click the link to learn more.